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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Haunters - Korean Movie

lim peh ka li kong

My movie grading:

5 4 star rating = Great show, sibeh nice, no horse run, sure must watch.
4 4 star rating = A good show worth paying to watch.
3 4 star rating = Watchable
2 4 star rating = Free ticket and have spare time then watch;
1 4 star rating = Don't waste your time;

Read from the papers that a Korean film "Haunters" is coming to town in June 2011.

Somehow, rather strange that lim peh is able to chance upon the DVD months before the show is actually going to be released here.

The movie "Haunters aka Psychic aka Hunters" tells a story of 1 man, the villain (Kang Dong-Won), who is able to control the minds of others. He uses his power to get money from pawnshops and private loans companies.

During 1 of his actions, he meets the good guy (Go Soo) who is immune to his mind controlling supernatural power thus the 2 men clash and the story unfolds.

Haunters is a Sci-Fi thriller but it's not scary, not shockingly horror and not much blood shown (unlike the common Korean Thrillers).

lim peh sat through the movie (almost 2 hours) and enjoyed it very much except the last 10 minutes - an ending too absurd and affected my high view on it, but again this is a Sci-Fi so I guess it's really ok.

There are 2 scenes in the movie which I really get the "Wow" feelings.

Once when the 2 of them confronts each other in the Sub-way station and once when they face each other in a flat. Both situations involve many innocent bystanders and the tensions of the scenes are really superb.

I give "Haunters" (44 star rating) (A good show worth paying to watch).

lim peh kong wan liao
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