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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Abbreviation (Not Suitable For The Young)

Before lim peh start to kong about abbreviation, can the minors (those under 18) skip this post cos it is not suitable for the young, the pure and the innocent.

LPKLK (lim peh ka li kong)

People are very funny creature one, when they want to express themselves but too lazy to say the whole sentence, they will come out with abbreviation. Just to share a few with you:-

PKL : Pao Ka Liow (incharge of everything, usually referring to workload in a company)

TKL : Till Kao Lie (Fxxk You)

KLKK : Kia Lai Kia Kee (walking around doing nothing)

KKYLP : Kiow Kah Yoh Lan Pa (nothing to do and starts to shake leg)

LPPL : Lan Pa Pa Lan (indicating that it's the same meaning)

TTK : Tua Tee Ko (大猪哥 aka big colour wolf - 大色狼)

LTK : Lau Tee Ko (老猪哥 aka old colour wolf - 老色狼)

LCK : Lau Chee Ko (also old colour wolf - 老色狼)

NNTTL : Nee Nee Tua Tua Liap (big boobs)

CBL : Cho Bo Lan (doing nothing, just idle around)

KNN : Kan Ni Nah (F you)

KNS : Ka Na Sai (just like shit)

Of course there are many others insulting/scolding abbreviation which I just can't persuade myself to share with you here.

CCB, KNNBCCB (Rockson's favourite abbreviation), FO, etc etc.

I am sure there are many many more which I have left them out.

LPKWL (lim peh kong wan liao)

Just heard 3 lame jokes from my colleague:-

1) Where does Dolly Parton buy her Bra?
At Bras Basah Road

2) Where did Kenny Roger got his inspiration when he wrote the song "Island In The Stream"?
When he saw Dolly Parton swimming backstroke naked.

3) Long time ago, Singapore had a newpapers known as New Nation. The newspaper man when going around trying to sell New Nation will shout :"Till Na Seng, anybody want Till Na Seng?" cos Till Na Seng sounds like New Nation.


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