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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

10 Weird Signs Of Our World

lim peh ka li kong

Our world has become weird, weirder, weirdest. Don´t think so? Read on my friends, read on...

1) The Directors look more tan than our constructions workers. (Thanks to the golfing).

2) The males are more feminine and the females are more masculine. (Sometimes you can´t tell whether the person walking in front of you is a He or a She. Worst, you can´t tell even you are facing him / her)

3) The latest new accent for our young children is no longer Singlish but Filipino / Indonesian English. (The domestic maid is also your children´s teacher).

4) The people converse more via Computer than Phones.

5) You watch T.V. programmes via internet rather than the T.V. set.

6) Nobody can spell proper English anymore with the way they send SMS. (Think teachers nowadays have more headache marking students´ compositions).

7) You don´t need real talent to be a star. (Keep voting la).

8) It used to be "Places you Cannot smoke" but now it is "Places you CAN smoke". (Good news to non-smokers like lim peh).

9) It sometimes gives me the impression that I am in some province of China while walking in our neighbourhood. (They talk really loud).

10) It is now the "Child-dominated" family rather than the "Father-dominated" family. (Where to go for dinner? The child will say "MacDxxxx" and the parents will agree).

lim peh kong wan liao

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