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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

No Eye See See's View On Me

lim peh ka li kong

Have known this young man since YMB time and his crude way of writing always made me uneasy and yes, like all men, Old Beng do use the "F" word when angry but depending on occasions and with whom.

Anyway, share his blog here.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Old Beng I Know Through Cyber World

let me give a brief intro as to how i get to know my cyber friends. during the last few months in my army life, just waiting for ORD, i was able to surf the net during office hours and went in YMB by chance.

most of the postings there then were just plain shit without any fucking contents at all. by reading them will make my blood boiled and i usually go after those idiots who left stupid comments or those racist people, with my vulgarities of course.

think i had made many shook their heads upon reading my remarks as nobody had written such crude vulgarities there, except maybe a stupid fellow called hellbollytoon ha ha. it was during that time i came to know old beng, qin shi huang, ipromise, angeline7030, telokblangah and many more though the cyber world contacts only.

old beng has always been very nice and advising me to tone down and used less vulgarity and qin had always been there too. old beng and qin had been very close and clicked with each other quite well. through old beng's blog, i can tell (though i fully understand that cyberism is nothing but a fraud world, he who writes is probably not what he is) that he is in fact someone who is more than just a plain uncle beng.

sorry old beng your effort to disguise as an old beng was a total failure as not many bengs can write like you. however false image we get from bloggers, i think old beng is somewhat a very easy going, down to earth chap and definitely a man who can click with most people, and due to his age, he can tolerate things more and very diplomatic at times.

those who have met him can verify my points or not cos i have not had the opportuniy to meet him face to face.

think he will be scared to meet me cos i really love to use valgurity, old habits die hard friend, try coming out from army life.

then both old beng and qin set up each own's blog and yes i enjoyed reading their blogs everyday without fail. qin is again hyper active in the blogger world and he will leave comments in almost everyone's blog and from what i can see, he had chio many bloggers for gathering and i am sure he did it on a freindly motive only.

although old beng has already disclosed his true identity, a not so real beng, his articles in his blog (whether english or chinese) are still a good read, at least to me.

old beng, keep on writing old beng's tales and whatever old articles of yours written some 15 years ago, not forgetting your errie ghost stories.

i wish you and your cha bo lang a happy marriage life.
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