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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Oei! Please Line Up Yourself Hor

lim peh ka li kong

Got one Monday when Singapore Toto lottery price rolled up to 2.8 million, me went to queue up to buy toto hoping that I will strike the group one price and can then go upgrade myself to study high high and can write better English.

When I reached the booth, I saw many people queueing up to buy the toto and I was standing behind a decent small built young man at the end of about 20 over people. In front of him was an office lady with beautiful make-up and thick lips like Angelina Jolie (So sexy).

Wa-piang, so many people want to be millionaire like me.

Half way through, an aunty (her figure like wrestler) walked to the Angelina-lookalike and asked her buy toto for her. Then another man in long-sleeve shirt and tie also walked to the Angelina-lookalike and also requested her to buy toto for him.

As if, not enough people like that, 2 more ladies also walked up to that Angie-lookalike to ask her to buy toto for them also and all those people (wrestler aunty, man in tie and 2 ladies plus Angelina-lookalike) all stand in the queue and thus making me behind another 4 more persons.

The young man in front of me cannot tahan (tolerate) any longer and he told Angelina-lookalike not to buy toto for those inconsiderate people and that they should queue up like everyone else.

I tell you ah, I salute this small size young man cos the aunty alone was much bigger size than him.

That Angelina-lookalike rolled her eyes up and told the young man (in an American accent slang) to mind his own business. Before the young man could say anything, the man in tie and the other 2 ladies also joined in to scold the young man.

I tell you all, I see already also cannot tahan bcos it is very unfair to jump queue and then still got the cheek to scold the young man. (somemore 5 against 1).

So I stepped forward and placed my hand on the young man´s shoulder and told those suckers that the young man is my buddy brother and they better go queue up behind. As I was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt, they were able to see the picture tattooed on my arm jumped when I flexed my muscle in front of them.

I think they all very scared of the tiger on my arm and they quickly moved their butts to the end of the line and queue up quietly.

When I finished buying my toto and walked pass those 5 suckers, they all pretended not to see me and kept their heads down.

Oei, uncles and aunties, pls you all queue up and buy your own toto or 4D hor, if not my tiger will leap on you.

lim peh kong wan liao.

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