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Friday, May 04, 2007


lim peh ka li kong

Got one night, me suddenly woke up from lim peh´s deep sleep with a sharp pain on my teeth.

@#€$%&@! At 2 am, the pain was very acute and bo-bian, me went to the toilet and brushed my teeth. Surprisingly, the brushing helped to stop the toothache and lim peh could sleep again.

The following few days passed as usual with no pain but during 1 night while I was visiting my mum in the Hospital (she had a spinal operation), the darn toothache hit me again.

Despite brushing my teeth 3 to 4 times that night, the pain stayed with me and just refused to subside.

The next day, me quickly visited my usual Dentist - Dr Chey at Paragon and after a quick check, my Dentist advised me to proceed to NDC (National Dental Centre) to do an X-ray prior to any extraction/operation. Dr Chey was very nice, despite checking my teeth for about 5 minutes, he did not charge me any fees.

When me reached NDC, wah-lau, there were about 20 - 30 people waiting for their turns before me.

After more than an hour of waiting, me finally met a young, pretty Dentist - Dr Tong Huei Jinn (Department of General Dentistry). She checked my teeth and sent me for X-ray taking, 2 X-rays some more.

By the time the X-rays were ready, it was already 5:20 pm and after viewing my teeth which was decayed near the root of my inner upper molar, Dr Tong Huei Jinn fixed the extraction the morning after.

So, the decayed molar tooth was the one giving the problem and since I was there for the extraction, Dr Tong Huei Jinn had also planned to do some thorough scaling, cleaning and fillings at the same time.

The next morning, me met up with Dr Tong Huei Jinn again and after cleaning, drilling, scaling and fillings done by her, she told me, "Mr Beng, I have finished my part and now I will introduce my colleague to you to do the extraction of your decayed molar."

HUH!?!?!? Why must change colleague?

"Eh... may I know your colleague is a boy or girl?"

"He is a boy."

"Is there any specific reason as to why there is a need to change to him instead of you doing it?" Of course I did not tell her that I prefer girl girl to boy boy.

"Boy has more strength to pull out the molar." Dr Tong Huei Jinn answered with a smile.


Don´t say not scary hor when lim peh heard her saying got more strength to pull out my molar. =_="""

Luckily, her colleague, Dr Soong Poh Luon (Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery), a young man, was very gentle and well-experienced. After injecting LA into my upper jaw and near the inner upper Molar tooth, within 15 seconds, the decayed molar was out from my mouth.

Dr Soong Poh Luon told me that there might be some pain after the LA wore out and if the pain was untahanable, I can eat some pain killer. Although the lobang was quite big, he did not stitch the wound up for me.

The LA lasted for about 2 to 3 hours and the pain sneaked onto my mouth quietly, pretending to be un-noticeable.

That night, before I went to bed, I swallowed 2 panadol and slept soundly.

The following day was a Saturday and although NDC was closed on that Saturday, Dr Soong Poh Luon still arranged to review me at an outpatient clinic just to make sure that the wound was not bleeding and healing well.

So, if you are having teeth problem, please make an appointment with NDC or any private dental clinic cos lim peh tell you, no pain is like toothache and furthermore, the Dentists nowadays are all young, friendly and good looking. Many many handsome young men and pretty girl girl :)

lim peh kong wan liao

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