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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Joke on Old Beng and Lau Hero

lim peh ka li kong

A funny joke to share :

Old Beng is a Wizard and Lau Hero is an Actor. On the island where both of them stay is controlled by the King and the Queen.

The Queen has a pair of hyper beautiful breasts and Lau Hero has been drooling over the Queen´s assets but just wishful thinking cos the King will decapitate his head or both the big and small heads, so to speak, if he were to do anything funny.

One day, Lau Hero asked Old Beng for help as he really would love to have a taste on the Queen´s assets and Lau Hero promised to give Old Beng a thousand dollars if he could fulfil his wild dream.

Old Beng, being a greedy noble man, agreed to help Lau Hero because of the money they are very good friends.

Old Beng, during one of his routine visits to the King and Queen, he secrectly smeared some cream onto the inner cups of the Queen´s bra which caused the Queen´s assets to become itchy and unless with the antidote from Old Beng, the itch would never go away.

After having the unbearable itch for half a day, the Queen called Old Beng for help since he is the Wizard.

Old Beng told the Queen that the only way to stop her itch would have to be the saliva from Lau Hero´s mouth and it must be directly from Lau Hero´s mouth

He further told the Queen that the effect of eliminating the itch would only take place after 4 hours of continuously sucking / lapping from Lau Hero.

So Lau Hero with the antidote in his mouth, enjoyed his long full 4 hours of action with the Queen.

That evening, Old Beng went to Lau Hero´s house to ask for his One Thousand Dollars.

Lau Hero refused to pay Old Beng his rightful agreed sum of money, "Lau Beng, I only have a hundred dollars and that´s it. Take it or leave it and I doubt you have the guts to tell the Queen that I cheated on you for the money, ha ha!"

The next day, Old Beng smeared more itchy cream onto the King´s under-wear...

lim peh kong wan liao
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