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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Day Of My Life

lim peh ka li kong

lim peh was waken up this morning by her usual kiss on my cheek
After having a short dip in my swimming poollim peh went to have my breakfast.

After looking at the shares that lim peh bought yesterday, me sold them and made some peanuts
(the Dooooorai standard).

Drove my car
out to office.

Sign some cheques then flew
to meet up with buddy
to discuss on our latest business deal.

Wanted to have a quiet lunch but met him
Both wanted me to be their next main role of their new movies but lim peh rejected cos lim peh very bo-eng.


came and both of them left, right centre me and tried to persuade lim peh to act with them. Hmmm, they must have been sent by the 2 Directors to psycho lim peh.

While talking to them, lim peh´s handphone rang, he called
to ask me for some advice.

Too busy to talk to him so lim peh told him to get an appointment with my secretary
Dine and party with this group of girls
before going our separate ways. (Don´t ya wish ya girlfriend was hot like me~~~)

Think lim peh still prefer Asian to Ang-mo and yesterday´s dinner and party with them was much betterThen went home but she was waiting outside

I told her to leave me alone as lim peh already married.

Went home, read email, write blog and went to bed but instead of falling asleep, lim peh woke up to REALITY.

Aiyo, just a dream. DER!

lim peh kong wan liao

Note: Inspired by Cheeky´s blog whereby lim peh read long long time ago.
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