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Saturday, October 15, 2005

男人本色 / The True Colour Of Man


这世上生存着两种人 --- 男人与女人.

啊, 那些介于男人与女人之间的 "二合一" 的人是另一个空间的话题.

女人大多数都是可爱的, 也十分值得身为男人的我们去疼爱她们. 但, 目睹各种各类的男人的所作所为, 真叫我感到惭愧与羞耻.

男人们都希望女朋友是处女, 却从不重视自己的操行, 毕竟男人是否还是处男根本无从知晓.

男人都希望自己的女朋友对他忠心不二, 自己却如八爪鱼, 四处探索女伴.

有亲密女友的男人总会四处去找更多的女伴, 而死也不承认已有女朋友.

有些男人只与女人出去一两次, 看看戏, 吃顿饭, 便大言不惭的认为已是对方的男朋友.


男人与男人之间的名言 :"何必为了一棵树而放弃了整座森林, 更是令女人们恨得咬牙切齿. 其实, 就算给了他整座森林, 也只能栖身于一棵树上.

知道 "男欢女爱" 何解吗?

男人只要欢乐, 女人只要爱. 如此而已!!!

男人的毛病其实是数不完的, 花心本是男人的本性.



The True Colour Of Man
(A Chinese article written some 15 years ago) - translation for my non-Chinese freinds

In our present society, there are, basically, 2 types of people - Men and Women. Oh, those in between under classification of "2-in-1" is a total different entity which will not be discussed here.

In my opinion, most women are cuties and definitely worth men's efforts to treat them well and "sayang" them. But having seen some men's behaviours, as a man myself, I felt ashamed and embarrassed at times.

Man will want his girlfreind to be a virgin yet never spare the slightest thought of disciplining himself and save his virginity since there is no way to prove whether or not a guy is still a virgin, unlike woman.

Man always wishes that his girlfriend to be faithful and loyal to him but he himself is like an octopus, hoping and grabbing for more girls all over the places.

Man who is attached will deny having one and still hunting around for more girls.

Some man, after going out with a girl for a couple of times maybe to the movies or having meals, will self-proclaimed as the boyfriend of the girl. The worst types are those men who had paid for the movies and meals will be expecting to gain something as rewards from the girl.

There is a famous phrase in the vocabulary of the men which made the girls agitated and sore :"Men should not give up the whole forest just because of 1 tree." But, even if you were given the whole forest, you can only stay in 1 tree.

There is a Chinese phrase which means Men only want happiness and Women only want love.

Men, I believe, have lots and lots of problems.



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