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Monday, March 31, 2008

Height Of ........

lim peh ka li kong

When lim peh was a young young cao ah beng, lim peh received this piece of funny note, share share (contents not so suitable for the minors, if you are a minor, please do not continue reading)

Height of ......

Height of Frustration
A boxer trying to scratch his balls

Height of Innocence
A teenager girl applying Clearsil to her nipples

Height of Patience
A naked woman lying down with her legs apart under a banana tree

Height of Unemployment
Conwebs in the hole of the prostitute

Height of Laziness
A guy lying on a girl and waiting for an earthquake to do the rest

Height of Sophistication
Sucking nipples with a straw

Height of Disgust
While wiping after a good toilet dump, your finger pokes through the paper

Height of Noise
Two skeletons making love on a tin roof, using tin cans as condoms

Height of Technology
Condom with zip

Height of Laziness again
A man after shitting on the sea-side waiting for the tide to clean his ass

Height of Pain
Sliding down a rocky mountain using your balls as brakes

Height of Trouble
A one handed man hanging from a cliff and his ass itching

lim peh kong wan liao
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