lim peh ka li kong 令伯卡你讲

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Lim Teh Session Again

lim peh ka li kong

Got one Friday night hor, a few of us eng eng bo dai ji, met up to have some la kopi lim teh session.

Due to the economy crisis, we all met at a mamak stall along West Coast Road. Friends, 行情歹嘛, mamak stall very economical.

The same faces, Momo, Xorpheus, Whiskoffee, Peter & Elydia and lim peh.

We lim-ed teh, we talked cock, we laughed and laughed until the mamak kept staring at us.

Momo was showing all of us her talent in speaking like a filopino house helper and her Meng talking like a PRC.

Whiskoffee was sharing his view on bikes, CHC and his usual question of how old he really looked like.

Elydia shared her ups and downs in her passion to work as an animal grooming artist.

Lim peh gave the whole group an educational indepthed lecture on kite flying and tree climbing.

Xorpheus told us where we can get a good and cheap kite for our next meeting - kite flying.

After a few hours of chit chat-ing, kopi & teh lim-ing, laughing.... we parted.

Till we meet again for our next gathering - kite flying. (Anybody interested to join us? All are welcome and don't worry uncle and auntie and brothers and sister all very nice people one).

Momo also wrote about our meeting session here

lim peh kong wan liao
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