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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

To Start A Conversation

lim peh ka li kong

Last night after our dinner and while me was watching TV with my Xiao Ma Ge 小马哥(Little Horse Man), he turned around and asked me the following questions.

"Pa, do you know how to break the ice and start to know a stranger whom you have never spoken to?"

"Hmmm, for me now quite simple la, just nod, smile then say "Last night got watch World-cup or not...." then automatically 2 men will talk." Me replied.

"No la, Pa. I mean the other party is not a man but a girl."

Huh?!?!?! My Xiao Ma Ge big already is it? Starting to look at girl girl already? Only 15 and he is starting liao just like Old Beng me, ha ha ha, like father like son.

Seeing me kept quiet, my Xiao Ma Ge said, "Pa never mind la, take it as I didn´t ask you since you have no experience."

"What no experience? Lim peh ka li kong, when me was a young man like you ah, me got many many experience hor..."

"Many many? Must be you are not successful la that´s why many many, he he he." Xiao Ma Ge grinned upon hearing what I said.

"衰仔 you! How dare you make fun of me, really no big no small." Me faster denied. "Many many because there were too many swee cha-bo so what to do? Like my buddy Ah Huat always says "So many girls so little time". Anyway, let lim peh teach you a few tricks, sure you can start your conversation with the girl girl."

"Me still remembered the first time me saw a No-horse-run cha-bo, very pretty, very sexy, made me swallow my saliva everytime me saw her, me also thought for a few weeks as to how to approach her and strike a conversation with her. Finally, me had a plan and one fine afternoon when me saw her walking alone at the market, me quickly walked up to her and took out a 20-cent-coin and asked her, "hello miss, you got 2 10-cent to change me or not?" Me recalled.

"So how, Pa, you really the can." Xiao Ma Ge open his eyes big big.

"Ai yo, that girl replied me, "hello, you think I money changer is it? Don´t have la, go change with the coffee shop or provisional shop la." and gave me a fierce stare."

"Ha ha ha, Pa, you really 漏气." Xiao Ma Ge laughed loudly.

"Oei! Stop laughing ok. This tactic failed neh mind, me got many many more ways. Next me used another method to try to start the conversation with another girl who stayed 3 units away who had just moved in not long ago during my Secondary 4 time. Again me got a good chance when she left her home and waited for a bus at the bus-stop and walked up to her and asked her, "hello miss, do you know what bus got go to Queenstown Road huh?"

"Pa... ha ha ha ... you really super sia... ha ha ha... so successful bo?" Xiao Ma Ge laughing again.

"It was my mistake la, she looked at me and replied, "hello you very funny huh? I just moved here yet you are asking me about buses? You must be joking, I know you stay at unit no. 12-3456" so... failed again BUT neh mind one, me got another method sure can one but need the help of a friend."

"Pa tell me more," my Xiao Ma Ge very eager to know more of my tactics.

"Got one time both me and Ah Huat "look-up" on 2 girls in the next class..."

Xiao Ma Ge interrupted me halfway, "Pa what is "look-up", they lost huh?"

"Ai-yo, look-up means 看上 la. So one day during recess, Ah Huat and me finally found a great opportunity and walked up to the 2 of them and me told one of the girl, "My friend want to know your friend" and sure enough successful finally, Ah Huat got Par-tor with the other girl but me no got chance because me forgot to say me want to know her... sigh!"

"Ha ha ha, Pa, all your methods all failed leh but never mind, you are very helpful and I know what to do now." Xiao Ma Ge said it with such confident which made me wonder which method he would follow.

"Pa, all I need to do is avoid all your methods lor." And he laughed happily....

lim peh kong wan liao

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