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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kueh Lapis Delivery From A Good Friend

lim peh ka li kong

Wonder if you remembered my Malay friend Nizam who got married in Batam and both me and my cha-bo-lang took a ferry over there and celebrated his big day together?

Nizam is a Singaporean and his wife is an Indonesian. As such he travels to and fro between Singapore and Batam rather often.

The last 2 rounds we went to Batam, we came to know this Kueh Lapis suplier whose kuek lapis tastes very much better than any of the kueh lapis there.

Knowing that Nizam was coming back to Singapore to run some errands, lim peh quickly asked him to help me purchase some kueh lapis.

The best part was, Nizam actually came all the way to my office to delivery the 4 boxes of kueh lapis to lim peh (so nice of him!) To thank him for his kind gesture, lim peh gave him 2 of our old handphones (still functioning well one hor). Guess, Nizam will be coming back to Singapore again, maybe just before Chinese New Year. Will ask him to purchase some kueh lapis again then.

lim peh kong wan liao
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