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Friday, September 30, 2005

Old Beng Went To Foot Reflexology

lim peh ka li kong

My friend Ah Seng finally recovered from his injured leg and I happily returned him his Mar-say-lee taxi which I was helping him to drive during his absent. Tell you ah, darn terok man, driving taxi not easy, some customers really one-kind one but what to do? People always complained taxi driver very rude la, no manners la, anyhow drive la, but when taxi drivers kena rude customer, how? Where to complain? Not fair right? So please dont be too hash with taxi drivers, ok?

Anyway, since Ah Seng already recovered and can drive his taxi again, I got more time for my family again. (Actually I quite scared to drive at night especially this month). Ah Seng wanted to thank me for driving on his behalf and that afternoon he brought me to a place I never go before one. Before we went, he told me he want to kam-siah me for helping him and want to bring me to a place where we can improve our health. (actually no need la, we already friends for more that 30 years liao).

Was wondering where this Ah Seng bringing me, then we landed in a Traditional Foot Reflexology Centre. Wa-piang, me so big never try foot-reflex before leh (heard people say very painful one) but Ah Seng insisted we must go, so bo-pian try for the first time.

When I sat on the chair after I washed my 2 feet, I saw the reflexologist - his knuckles got many hard hard skin, I think constant friction caused the skin to become dead-meat already. I saw already also scared but in front of Ah Seng cannot lose face so just keep very quiet. The first stroke the reflexologist did on my left foot was not painful but very itchy. Then pain suddenly came, Wa-lau eh, I tell you ah, the pain is not like when my cha-bo-lang twist my ears kind, but straight and deep into you foot, and the pain somemore all the way from the foot to my heart, up my throat, then to my brain.

Before the first pain subsided, a 2nd more painful one followed. Wa-piang, I think I almost let out a scream but luckily I bite my tongue but my leg and body wriggled like a worm trying to escape from the pain and cold sweat starting to show on my forehead. Ah Seng noticed my body twitching and looked at me with a query look, I could not answer him cause I was biting my tongue but shake my head to indicate I cannot tahan the pain but I think he mistaken as no problem.

After a long torture of 40 minutes on both feet, the session was finally over and cold sweat had dripped down my back and dried also. Dont understand why people like to pay money to be tortured, Foot Reflexology may be good for health to others but to me, sorry hor, I rather continue with my work-out and jogging and weight lifting (carry my wife and children)

After the agony, we went to a nearby coffee shop to have lunch. Although it was lunch time, but funny leh, there were still many empty tables available. I went to buy Chicken Rice and Ah Seng went to sit first as I do not want him to walk too much since he just recovered only. When I went back to him with the food, I saw him arguing with 2 office ladies. (the 2 ladies quite chio somemore)

I heard Ah Seng asking the 2 cha-bo,"What you mean you already chorp the seat first? Nobody was here when I come ok?" "Uncle, you didn't see the 2 packet of tissue paper meh?" "Huh? chorp place using packet of tissue paper? like that also can? I thought this coffe shop very good, still provide tissue paper for customer somemore."

Because we men don't like to argue with women, we found another table to have our lunch instead. Chorp place with plastic bag I can understand, but with tissue paper?

lim peh kong wan liao

PS:The next day, I discovered both my feet also blue-black - courtesy from the Foot reflexologist

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