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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

10 Jokes For The New Year

lim peh ka li kong

2006, a new year, what better way to start it with some jokes? Enjoy...

"I got rid of that rear noise in the car."
"I made her sit in the front with me."

Marriage has its good side. It teaches you loyalty, forbearance, self-restraint and many other qualities you wouldn't need if you stayed single.

Education is what you get from reading the fine print.
Experience is what you get from not reading it.

"Have you ever been cross-examines before?" asked the judge.
"Yes your honour," replied the defendant, "I'm a married man."

Funny how man blames fate for all accidents, yet claims full responsibility for a hole in one.

It was so cold the other day that the local flasher was seen describing himself to a woman.

Marriage begins as you sink in his arms, and ends with your arms in the sink.

"Education has failed the younger generation," said the businessman, "our survey shows that as many as 40% can't read, another 40% can't write and the other 30% can't add up."

He had a stereo system in his car for years. His wife in the front and her mother in the back.

On quiet nights, when he is alone, Fred runs their wedding video backwards, just to watch himself walk out of the church a free man.

* All jokes taken from the book "The Little Book Of Jokes" - Publisher : Robert Frederick Ltd

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