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Thursday, September 29, 2005

1 Incident 2 Types Of Behaviours

lim peh ka li kong

Old beng me that day read newspaper saw this news

1 lady with occasionally mental problem put 50-dollar notes into neighbourhood letter boxes in clementi flat. (I think a total sum of S$3000)

After the news was published in the papers, 2 types of behaviour were seen:-

1) some good-hearted neighbours of that block returned the money back to her.

2) 1 man went to the block and brought his tools to try to pry open the letter boxes to take the money.

My conclusion is in every race (Chinese-Malay-Indian-Ang moh-etc-etc) or in any ationality (Singaporean-Malaysian-Aussie-American-etc-etc) sure got good/bad mannered people, well/ill behaved people one la.

If you lucky lucky you always meet the good, pretty (makes my day when I see swee swee cha-bo), well-mannered people.

If you suay suay unlucky always meet the bad, rude, inconsiderate, ill-mannered bad-mouthed people, how? Scold them ah? beat them up ah?

No no cannot, fighting no good one hor. (Me old beng when young young time always fight - now regret liao). I think i will just walk away if I meet this type of people hor, no point lower myself to be the same with them. Me no coward ok, just dont want to be like them.

lim peh kong wan liao


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