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Monday, September 11, 2006

3 Unique Bloggers Writting About 10 Signs

lim peh ka li kong

Came across 3 bloggers writing some "10 Signs" in their blogs. Me read already also admire them very much cos Old Beng me is not able to come out with such Signs.

10 Signs of a Kid from a young girl, Sihui, click here to read more.

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September 7, 2006

10 signs you’re still a kid

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1) Playing neop*** is a IN thing in your school.

2) You wear Disney princess costume to someone’s birthday party.

3) Your mom/maid washes your school shoes for you.

4) Your mom/maid packs your bag.

5) You never fail to go to the ‘toys’ department everytime you go shopping with your family members.

6) You guard your virtual money with your life.

7) You don’t bother about money issues.

8) You will feel terribly upset if you missed your weekly Pokem**

9) Everybody squats down to talk to you AND in a very sweet manner.

10) You love the purple dinosaur.

*P.S: the idea of the 10 signs thing is taken from old beng’s blog.

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10 Signs of a Malaysian from a funny Malaysian Blogger, Ang Gu Gu, click here to read more.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

10 Signs You Are A Typical Malaysian

As i promise beng =) Heres my malaysian version. Hopefully i don write it badly as im not pro at writting signs like you.

10 Signs You Are A Typical Malaysian :

1) When driving always try to go first, traffic light havent turn green yet but you already horn like no tomorrow for cars to move when its green. Driving on bus and taxi lane to be fast.

2) When got accident or anything going on by the road, all the driver "ke po" will take few second or worst, stop car to see what happen. Then cause all the traffic jam around, not cause of accident but cause of drivers curiosity. But if got accident also, need help to go hospital or anything, no one bothers to help.

3) Always pretend rich by having good cars, great houses and big business but at the back all is under loan and mortgage from bank. Waiting to be pull back by bank. In another words, wanna look good on outside yet inside is nothing.

4)Anything happened only know how to be blame people and you always the right one. No one is correct and right except you.

5) Outside talk loud, can talk politic and talk bad everywhere anytime. But when police come to catch you for ISA ( Internal Security Act) or got any problem. First one to run and deny always you.

6) At food stall on the roadside, people charge you 5 ringgit for mee you say expensive and inreasonable price. When at shopping complex , people charge you 15 ringgit for normal mee
worse than roadside stall, you say its nice and standard.

7) Bring girls out all you pay, when go out with family or guy's friend..No money lar~

8) Everyday wait money drop from sky, massive betting on toto, magnum, damacai, jackpot, football, basketball , golf...anything as long can earn fast money. But when loan shark (Along) sight of you..

9) Professional big cannon (Ta Pao) , always talk big..... ( Thats why every state the muzeum in front got 2 big cannon)

10) You dress normally, but wear genuine rolex but people say you wear fake rolex. You wear nicely and look classy, but wear fake rolex yet people say you are wearing real rolex.

posted by Ang Gu Gu at 9/06/2006 10:20:00 PM

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10 Signs of a Wokaholic from a funny Singaporean Blogger, Mr Sibeh Sian, click here to read more.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

The long and short about The Top Ten Signs That You Are Tuning Into A Workaholic

1) You start having meals in front of the computer. The office computer.

2) You start to think of your colleagues as family members. The type you fight with over inheritance.

3) You start hallucinating whether if your Boss’ hair is real midway through the very, very long meeting.

4) You start having crazy thoughts like “I can’t afford to take an MC because I have to finish this report.”

5) You start having even crazier thoughts like staying overnight at the office so that you can save on transport to work tomorrow.

6) You start canceling dinner dates because the instant mee at the pantry seems more appealing.

7) You start bathing at the attached bathroom at the office.

8) You start to think of the sounds made by the fax machine and copier as music.

9) You start to seriously consider investing in a foldable safari bed in the office.

10) You work through the night and only start to pack your bags at 8:30 in the morning.

I am very, very worried that I am turning into an workaholic because not only did the first nine points happened, I also worked through the night last night and is only leaving for work now.

I need a life :(

With Love,
Sibeh Sian
posted by Sibeh Sian @ 8:51 AM

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After reading all 3, me conclude that me is not a Workaholic Malaysian Kid.

lim peh kong wan liao

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