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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

“Source Code”

lim peh ka li kong

My movie grading:

5 4 star rating = Great show, sibeh nice, no horse run, sure must watch.
4 4 star rating = A good show worth paying to watch.
3 4 star rating = Watchable
2 4 star rating = Free ticket and have spare time then watch;
1 4 star rating = Don't waste your time;

Before watching the show, lim peh already knew that this is a Sci-fi thriller and I am one who like Sci-fi movies.

A brief storyline:
An army helicopter pilot wakes up in a train to find himself in another man's body with only 8 minutes to search for a bomb and the bomber who planted it. He has no memory with him and the waking up repeats itself over and over again until he finds the bomber...

Am not going to talk about the story as I do not wish to spoil your fun watching it.

The Director of this film is Duncan Zowie Jones, who is the son of the Rock star David Bowie and "Source Code" is his 2nd film. His first Movie is "Moon", a very good movie as well. (Definitely 1 of the top 10 Sci-fi movies in my list)

Ok, so much about the Director, back to "Source Code"

When I first realised the plot of the movie is going to be repeating itself after the bomb explodes, I was not very keen and felt that such a way of telling a story has been done in many other movies BUT this movie is different and every repetition of the actor going back to the 8 minutes search brings out a new and different result.

The main lead is not travelling back in time but something different. As the main lead keeps going back to the same scene in the train with only 8 minutes, the people he meets, the situation unfolds bits by bits and the audiences watching the show knew that the actor will die in the end.

Reaching the end, everything stops and the scene freezes with the actor holding the actress, showing affection to each other and the whole train of passengers smiling, laughing with the camera pulling out the freezes scene.... Happiness in eternity!

To me, if the movie were to end here, it will be a almost perfect one but the Director continue to roll the camera and the story continues for another 10 minutes, with a happy ending of course.

It's just like 金庸的神雕侠侣,杨过与小龙女的结局 --- 十六年后的重逢。不重逢,神雕侠侣可以算完美结束吗?当然可以,只是谁又会狠心不让他们重逢呢?

With "Source Code" additional happy ending, I minus 1 star from my liking of this movie.

I give "Source Code " (4 4 star rating) (A good show worth paying to watch).

lim peh kong wan liao
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