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Friday, August 22, 2008

Batam Trip

lim peh ka li kong

The other day me and my cha-bo-lang went to Batam for a short break with 2 of our nephews, Jia Hao and Jonathan. We were there for a 2D1N trip and stayed in Holiday Inn, Batam.

After this trip, lim peh will not stay in this hotel again as the room we got was quite rundown and to make things worse, the air-con was very noisy. No air-con it will be too warm to sleep and with air-con it will be too noisy to sleep. The worst point will be its distance from the city of Batam, a relatively far if you want to go into the city, the taxi fares will cost you a bomb.

Anyway, apart from the Hotel room, everything went on well.

Everyone who visits Batam with any tour group will be brought to the famous bridge for sight seeing – The Barelang Bridge. What can one see there?

Some Islands, Sky, Sea, enjoys the wind and try on some local seafood if you dare to take the risk as our local tour guide told us that the hawker who sold the seafood did not wash the seafood.

Took some photos there:

Photo taken without telling my 2 nephews.

Once alerted, they will pose in their 搞搞震 postures.

老明、查某人、Jia Hao、Jonathan 到此一游。
After our photo taking at the Barelang Bridge, we were taken to visit the famous temples in Batam:

We went to the famous Tua Pek Kong Temple 大伯公庙 and I took 2 photos outside the temple, no photo taking allowed in the temple. See, colourful right?
大伯公庙拜拜一番之后,we went to another temple, a very big one – Vihara Buddhist Temple. When we went inside the temple, I took 2 photos:

After the temples, we were also taken to see some local culture performance show.

We took a few more photos there:

2 young men in front of the beautiful Elephant

Now, this is more presentable

We were also taken to Polo Ralph Shop for some thrill purchases as the branded shirts were selling at a lower rates as compared to Singapore but knowing our 咸橄榄的 characters, we did not bring home any.

Before heading back to our hotel, we went for some foot-reflexalogy and shopping at the local biggest shopping mall.

The second day before checking out, we had our breakfast in the hotel and lazed around to ride bicycles, swim and even played a few games of table tennis.

We took some more photos in the hotel before checking out and headed home:

Jia Hao, Uncle Beng, Jonathan

Then one of my nephews suggested a different pose and lim peh actually agreed, so laugh if you want.
I think my pose is more sexy hor?

lim peh kong wan liao
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