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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blogging Blogging

lim peh ka li kong

Have been writing in this blog for 4 over years and lim peh can sum up the following points:

1) The most du-lan thing in blogging is when some chia-bah-bo-sai-pang 吃饱没屎放的鸟人 impersonating you going around leaving stupid comments.

Someone told me it's really an honour if some idiot wants to impersonate you cos that shows you are somewhat "famous".

Eh, ladies and gentlemen, this type of honour lim peh bo ai la, to all the imposters out there, 凸凸 to you!

2) Another du-lan thing in blogging is when some lazy bums who refuse to write their own articles and start to highlight, right click, copy and paste your posts in their blogs and take them as their very own writings. Hello, plagiarism must not be encouraged.

If you really like an article written by someone, just make sure to acknowledge it in your blog la, a copycat plagiarist is totally unacceptable. 诸位,版权所有啊,嗯。

3) With the aid of statcounter, lim peh is able to see and track who and where my visitors are coming from. Many times, lim peh will repay a visit to their blogs when I see that they visited my blog but sometimes, lim peh got quite pek-chek because when lim peh tried to go into the visitors' blogs, they are only opened to invited guests only, duh! (Someone at a corner la; elephanthan la; and many many more). Though I can't access into your blog, lim peh still welcome you here.

4) Most of us know that the number of comments left in our blog is probably just the tip of the iceburg.

走的比逛的多,逛的比看的多,看的比留言的多。Yes, lim peh is referring to YOU, YOU, YOU and YOU! 就是你,你,你还有你。

Although we know writing blog is very personal, bloggers like us will definitely love to see more comments, at least for lim peh. So, do la hor?!

lim peh kong wan liao
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