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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lau Hero's RA Jokes Again

lim peh ka li kong

Have not been telling you about my friend, Lau Hero's jokes lately, kind of missed him.

Heard of his 2 jokes long time ago, share share with you.

Eh.... RA ones hor, so the minors please skip this post.


The "Old Kampong Poetry Competition" had come down to two finalists:-

An Ang-mo graduate and Lau Hero.

They were given a word, then allowed two minutes to study the word and come up with a poem that contained the word.

The word they were given was "TIMBUKTU".

First to recite his poem was the Ang-mo graduate. He stepped to the microphone and said:

Slowly across the desert sand,
Trekked a lonely caravan
Men on camels two by two
Destination - Timbuktu.

The crowd went crazy! No way could Lau Hero top that, they thought.

Lau Hero calmly made his way to the microphone and recited:

Me and Tim a hunting went
Met three whores in a pop-up tent
They were three, and we were two
So I bucked one, and Timbuktu.

Lau Hero won.


Mrs Lau Hero is at home when she hears someone knock at the door. She goes to the door and opens the door to see a man standing there.

He asks Mrs Lau Hero, "Do you have a vagina?"

Mrs Lau Hero slams the door in disgust.

The next morning she hears a knock at the door and it is the same man and he asks the same question to Mrs Lau Hero, "Do you have a vagina?"

She slams the door again.

Later that night when her husband, Lau Hero gets home she tells him what has happened for the last two days.

Lau Hero tells the wife in a loving and concerned voice, "'Honey, I am taking tomorrow off to be home just in case this guy shows up again."

The next morning they hear a knock at the door and both run for the door. Lau Hero says to his wife in a whispered voice, "Honey, I'm going to hide behind the door and listen and if it is the same guy I want you to answer yes to the question because I want to see where he is going with it."

Mrs Lau Hero nods yes to her husband and opens the door. Sure enough the same fellow is standing there and asks the same question.

"Do you have vagina?"

"Yes" Mrs Lau Hero says.

The man replies, "Good! Would you mind telling your husband to leave my wife alone and start using yours?"


lim peh kong wan liao
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