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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

10 Things A Man Shouldn´t Say During his First Date

lim peh ka li kong

If you are having your first date with a girl, please keep in mind not to utter the followings:

1) You look like my mum.

2) I just love kids and I will have at least 10 children when I got married.

3) You really remind me of my ex.

4) Do you have some extra money to lend me.

5) I love Power-Puff girls.

6) Keep praising your sex power and say things like "I am very strong in bed, you know?" and give her the 色眯眯 wolfy-look.

7) Bad-mouthed practically everybody you know; from your boss to your office cleaner; From your neighbour to the uncle selling kopi in the coffee shop; From your siblings to your uncles/aunties;

8) Tell her you will be the next Singapore Idol and start to sing loudly despite you are in a crowded restaurant.

9) Tell her you believe in showing your true-self and start to dig your nose and fart loudly during the date.

10) After every few seconds, look at her and ask,"Don´t you think I am handsome?"

lim peh kong wan liao

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