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Friday, August 18, 2006

Argument Over A Small Matter

lim peh ka li kong

Last night, my 2 buddy Ah Huat and Ah Seng came to my place and chit chat and suddenly Ah Huat popped a question to us and we had a good time arguing discussing over it.

How can we differentiate people? Don´t play play hor, this topic very difficult one you know, U grads also cannot answer properly one.

After much argument discussion with vulgar wisdom words flying around, we still did not have the answer. Since we Lau Ah Bengs cannot have a satisfactory answer, any smart alec guy / gal out there boleh (can) contribute?

Ah Huat : Easy la, people can be categorised as Man and Woman with obvious reason of course.

Ah Seng : Also can divide by Old and Young.

Old Beng : Also can Fat and Thin.

Ah Huat : Tall and Short boleh also.

Ah Seng : Good looking and Ugly.

Old Beng : Dogs lovers and Cats lovers.

Ah Huat : Rich and Poor.

Ah Seng : Staying in HDB and Landed.

Old Beng : Married and Single.

Ah Huat : Got Car or No Car.

Ah Seng : You gila or what! I got 2 kar also can count or not (pointing to his 2 legs).

Ah Huat : You not gila meh? HDB or Landed!

Ah Seng : Yeah what. How can differentiate by got Car or not? Those got motorbike or van or bicycle one, where to put them? Seow!!!

Ah Huat : Then your one very good meh? HDB or Landed? Those no own a house one how? Rental only leh? Condo leh? Seow-Ding-Tong.

Old Beng : Oei, don´t quarrel la children...

Ah Seng : What!! You think you got write blog very smart is it? Your toopid Dogs and Cats lovers way? More seow only!!! How about those not love Dogs nor Cats, love birdie can not can? Love tortoise can not can?

Ah Huat : Yeah lor, some more think of Fat and Thin. Those not Fat not Thin one how? Really bo-liao la you.

Old Beng : You leh? Very smart is it? Tall and Short? Those not Tall also not Short one how? Ah Seng, you don´t laugh ok, your idea of Old and Young also ka-na-sia one, those not old not young one how?

Ah Seng : You leh Lao Ah Beng, your Married and Single not ka-na-sia la. Those married already divorced one how? Those not married but stay together one how?

Ah Huat : Hello you Lau Ah Seng, your Good looking and Ulgy also sibeh jia-lat ok. Those average looking one how?

Old Beng : Oei, your Rich and Poor also soo-ku one la, those not rich not poor one how?

Ah Seng : Yeah lor, your Man and Woman also rubbish one la, those not Man not Woman how?

And our heated argument discussion went on and on until finally we heard a ROAR and all 3 of us kept our mouths shut immediately.

Me think if without that "ROAR" we 3 goondoos would have argued until the cows go home also won´t stop.

lim peh kong wan liao

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