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Thursday, August 19, 2010


lim peh ka li kong

That day hor, my blog suddenly cannot see leh. When I clicked my blog, lim peh saw only letters and numbers long long, no pictures, no posts, no photographs.

Jia lat, don´t tell me lim peh kena hacked!

Please lor, lim peh´s bo-liao blog also will kena hack one meh?

I tried going into my blog a few times and everytime the same.

lim peh quickly asked my nephew to help me to try and resolve my problem.

He clicked clicked here clicked clicked there, da-lah, my blog got pictures and posts liao.

Guess lim peh must have accidentally clicked some template setting.

So now, my blog is ok liao... at least ok to be able to read lim peh´s posts but then hor, did you realiase something wrong bo?

All my links at the sidebar suma hum-pa-lang disappeared!!!

Now lim peh is trying to re-link the blogs which lim peh usually read and gosh, hard work leh. So if you suddenly see your link not with me anymore, don´t @#$%& yet, lim peh still trying very hard to restore them.

But then hor, I realised my statcounter and Nuffnang also gone liao, jia lat.

lim peh kong wan liao.
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