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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Old Beng Met The Kindergarten Teacher

lim peh ka li kong

My little darling daughter, xiao bai tu (little white rabbit) who is in K2 now and me love her very much bcos she likes to sit at the door to wait for her papa to come home from work everyday and gives me a BIG hug and a long kisssss on my cheek which brightens my day no matter what kind of craps I get from my boss during the day. That night during dinner, my little darling xiao bai tu showed me a note from her teacher who asked me to go and see her in the kindergarten to discuss issue of my daughter.

So the next day, me went to see the teacher in the kindergarten. I saw 2 female teachers there, one normal looking (actually a bit look like Irene Ang - the slim down one not the figure during PCK sitcom) and the other 1 a bit old but still very chio, very swee, very beautiful and wait, Oh My Gosh! she was one of my ex girlfriend - Monica Chng. (hello, you all dont laugh like that la, not touch your backside la - Monica Chng ok)

Let me see, wa-piang it has been almost 20 years since I last saw her, that time she only 18 years old and I just finished my NS. She now still maintained her thin thin figure but more mature-looking that's all. She also recognised me when she saw me and gave me a big smile and a warm welcome,"Beng, how come you are here? please, I am already married and have 2 kids."

Huh? She talked what? She thought I still want to tackle her ah and that's why I went to the kindergarten to look for her? "Eh...Monica, I am here to see my daughter's teacher and by the way I also married already and have 12 kids." Then I handled her the note which my daughter gave me the night before.

"Oh I see. Sorry, I thought you still can't get over me after so many years ...."

"Never mind la, so why you looking for me ah?" me asked Monica.

She took out a stack of drawing paper and showed them to me. All, but one, had a drawing of eggs, some drew the eggs so round until look like ping pong balls and some a bit out of shape but still can see are eggs drawn by the children. Monica told me that she had told the class to draw eggs and only my darling daughter drew differently and she showed me a piece of drawing paper which was drawn by my daughter - a plate with 2 "he-bao-dan" and some more 1 of the egg yolk looked very nice, half cook type. My daughter some more drew the pepper and salt shakers and complete with the drawing of a glass of milk beside the plate of eggs.

"So Beng, what can you say about your daughter's drawing?" Monica asked me.

"I think my daughter draw very nice leh, you see the egg yolk so pretty like real one and the pepper and salt shakers are exactly like those we have at home and the glass of milk also draw very nice what. I think she got drawing talent and...."

Monica interrupted my speech,"Beng! How can you say so? She is supposed to draw round eggs and not this type of "cooked he-bao-dan", you see the rest of my students all drew the eggs so nicely, as per my instruction."

"But Monica, what's wrong if my daughter more creative and draw different types of egg? Round egg is egg, he-bao-dan also egg, omelette also egg, scrambled egg also egg what? Why must restrict the young and growing minds?" "But...but..."Monica tried to talked some more but this time I interrupted her,"No need but la, Monica. I think my daughter no wrong in drawing different type of egg, in fact I am very happy and proud to see her draw differently."

"Beng, you never change since the day I know you, always doing things against me. Not only you, now your daughter also like you. What have I done to deserve this?" Monica opened her eyes big big and questioned me.

I did not feel like arguing with her anymore and I left the kindergarten and told her that she cannot restrict the young minds for being creative.

Wa-lau, luckily lim peh that time did not marry her, if not I think now I also kena control by Monica, think already also scared

lim peh kong wan liao

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