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Friday, March 31, 2006

A Short Break

lim peh ka li kong

Looking back, me realised that (by calculation) I have been writing 1 post in my blog every other day.

Come to think of it, averagely 1 in every 2 days. Wow, how did me do it?

Everytime before writing anything, my brain will go blank but when me start to type, words will form automatically. (Of course, there is always a topic in my mind prior to putting it down in black and white).

Hmmm, what have I achieved in creating my blog?

1) A collection of my old Chinese articles which were published in some weekly magazines long time ago;

2) To record certain happenings during the voyage of my life.

3) To entertain, mostly myself, by writing some "Old Beng's tales".

4) To link some interesting articles from other bloggers.

5) To render my emotion towards my cha-bo-lang. (Think sometime it is easier to bring the message across via blogging than face to face conversation).

6) Get to know many bloggers via the blog's world. (Some bloggers are already my friends whereby we have met but many more are still faceless cyber friends).

Me will be having a short break from blogging and will come back again probably in mid April. Half a month of "No blogging world", think me will be able to refrain form blogging for 2 weeks since me have been blogging so frequently for the past 6 months? Let's see.

Till me write again, do take care.

lim peh kong wan liao

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