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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Brave Ah Pek

lim peh ka li kong

When lim peh was a very young boy, lim peh heard of this joke, share with you:


A group of young boys were kicking football near a big lonkang (canal drain) and one of the boys fell into the dirty lonkang.

All the boys stood at the edge of the lonkang and started shouting for help.

Men, women, ah pek and ah ma, all crowd around but nobody dared to jump into the lonkang to save the poor boy as the current was quite strong.

Then, the reporters came and so did the TV crews, even the policemen and ambulance came BUT still nobody dared to take the risk to plunk into the drain.

Everybody crowd at the edge of the big lonkang.

SUDDENLY an old man jumped into the drain and swam with all his life towards the drowning boy.

Everybody cheered loudly at the brave Ah Pek.

Finally, the exhausted old man pulled the boy up to the bank of the big drain.

Immediately, the Ah Pek became the HERO!

One reporter asked the brave old man, "Ah Pek, Ah Pek, you are very brave! Can you share with us what gave you the courage to jump into the drain to save the poor boy?"

The Ah Pek replied, "他奶奶个熊,不知道谁推我下去。。。"


lim peh kong wan liao
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