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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Singapore Flyer

lim peh ka li kong

That day lim peh eng eng nothing to do, went to fetch my uncle and aunties to go try sit sit the Singapore Flyer.

When we reached there, it was drizzling and so if the photographs you see here are nor clear, you know why la.

Marina Bay Sands - lim peh no go in.

Near the entrance.

We were quite suprised as there wasn´t any crowd at all, super 冷清。

Captured some views while we were up there but not clear due to the rain.

After 1 round, we left to have our dinner.

Looking at them, guess they didn´t enjoy the ride very much.

x x x x x

A week later, lim peh went there with my FIL and my cha-bo-lang. This time, we went at night and then lim peh realised we didn´t have our camera with us! Bo bian lor, used my lousy handphone to snap some photo.

So after riding the Flyer twice, once during day time and once during night time, lim peh really think there´s nothing so special leh.

lim peh kong wan liao
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