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Monday, December 22, 2008

Melaka Trip

lim peh ka li kong

Last weekend, me and my cha-bo-lang went to Melaka for a short break.

I tell you ah, my wife really more daring than lim peh. Ever since she had the idea of driving up to Melaka on our own, I don't feel comfortable at all.

Of course la, driving to a place we have never been to before? Some more, we have read and heard of many Singapore cars were stolen when Singaporeans drove into Malaysia. 唔怕至奇!

We have argued over the issue of driving up or follow a tour and after many rounds of arguments, 老明以我那嘴巴和查某人 negotiated few rounds and the result was we finally drove up.

我讲输了!!!! £$%^&@

After passing the long jam at 2nd link (as it was a Saturday), we drove about 2 to 3 hours before reaching our destination.

We did not book any hotel room prior to our trip as my friend told us that there's no worries to book hotels in Melaka.

We went from hotels to hotels and were told there ain't any room available due to peak period (it was School Holidays).

Luckily, we managed to get a room at a budget hotel (Accordian Motel), a really run-down room but what to do? Beggers can't be choosers so bo bian LL gotta check into it.

The 2nd day, we managed to get a better hotel (Hotel Mimosa) and check out from the budget hotel.

马六甲 is a 古都 and many of the historical buildings are preserved.

What can one do in Melaka? Eat 娘惹餐、see the ancient buildings, enjoy the famous Jonker Street and most important, relax.

While strolling aimlessly, lim peh captured some photos.
lim peh saw a lane between 2 buildings and walked through it.
And this was what lim peh saw.
Swee bo?Just round a corner, lim peh saw a cute shopIf the photos are not nice, it's because of my 水皮 photo-taking skill. The night scenes were captured better although photos can probably only show 50% of the actual beautiful feelings.
Some night scenes
I was told that the "Red Lightings" were installed by the Government and it is really beautiful to see the buildings glowing with red lights in the night.

A quiet area at the beginning of Jonker Street at night. A night photo taken near Jonker Street There's a nice place for tea - 郑和茶馆 and this is the main entrance to it.We were brought into 郑和茶馆 via another route, a small lane between the end of 2 buildings with plants crawling at the sides of the 2 walls. =======

After staying in Mimosa Hotel for 1 night, we decided to pay a little bit more to pamper ourselves and we check into Hotel Puri 富礼酒店。

Hotel Reception

We went to a shop at Jonker Street which sells handicraft items and the owner is a jovial young man - Ray Tan aka Ah Long. His shop's name is Red Handicrafts.
店主 Ray 的剪纸功夫很到家,我们就买了两幅。如果有机会到马六甲一定要去看看.
店外观夜景童心未泯的大小孩店主 - Mr Ray Tan
Ray 知晓我们夫妇两第一次到马六甲游玩便在他晚上收店后,载我们四处去看看,到Portugese Settlement 吃海鲜、走马六甲 Kampong Glam 最大的夜市 (only on Tuesday night)、逛书展、喝嚤以及带我们去买著名的 home made 黄梨饼。

everytime we visit a country, we will definitely go to the local market to 体验 locals 的生活。
A local market place - Bukit Cina Market

lim peh 跟你讲, Jonker Street really has many many nice shops and 1 surely cannot finish walking in a day. While we were driving along Jonker Street aimlessly, my cha-bo-lang saw this little shop.
美吗? (价钱其实还蛮贵一下, Art is priceless)
店主与老明 (怎样?老明象不象local?)
店的 details=======

During our 5 days 4 nights in Melaka, there are still lots of places and food we have not visited and tried.

We walked around Jonker Street, went to other small lanes, went to Mahkota Parade, we even went to the kampong along the seaside.

We tried the Asam Laksa, Wanton Mee, Melaka Popiah, local Mee Goreng, Rojak, ate the famous long queue Lok-lok etc.

郑和博物馆、Nyonya 老房子、Jonker Street 还没走完、Ba ba laksa、Nyonya Food、Otak-otak、马六甲的黑面等等。

Melaka, we will be back......... soon.

lim peh kong wan liao

A happy note: We were lost in our driving and we couldn't seem to be able to drive back to our hotel thus we stopped our car at the roadside and seek help for directions from a man who was working in a tyre shop. The man was so nice and he rode his motorbike and lead us to the correct road which then led us back to our hotel.

A not-so-happy note: We parked our car at the roadside and went into the shop to purchase some stuff and guess what? We kena a parking fine. DUH!
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