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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How To Have Body Contact

lim peh ka li kong

Since my Xiao Ma Ge (小马哥) has been asking me about the ways to start a conversation with girl girl, me begin to recall all the tricks that me knew when me was a young Beng.

Just to share my previous experiences (taking the high risks of instigations from my cha-bo-lang and suffering of pain on my ear) so that the young girl girl out there reading my blog can take care of themselves better.

What are the best ways to get real close to girl girl and will not be called "Colour-Wolf" (色狼)?

1) Invite the girl girl to watch a horror movie with you la, who knows, maybe when she is frightened she will grab you hand.
Rating : 1 star

2) Teaching the girl girl to play new ball games examples like Badminton, Table Tennis, etc. To show her the correct ways to hold the racket, bat, etc thus having a chance of holding her hand.
Rating : 2 stars

3) Teaching the girl girl how to ride bicycle. You know la, first time ride bicycle sure cannot balance one, must need people to help to support her from falling down thus inevitably kena body contact.
Rating : 3 stars

4) Dancing lesson. Just think of the chances of holding your partner´s hand, waist, shoulder while teaching and dancing with them.
Rating : 4 stars

5) The final best way is none other than teaching her swimming. He he he, teach swimming how not to have body contact one? If she is first timer, sure will sink under water and drink a mouthful of water one and thus make her even more afraid and grab you more tight tight.
Rating : 5 stars

Anyway, in the first place, if the girl girl agrees to learn new sports or dance steps or go swimming with you, the chances that she likes you is rather high, so no need all the above out-dated methods from this Old Beng la.

Wait a minute!!! What if you meet someone who is very the clever one, everything she also knows, just like my cha-bo-lang. Does it mean no more chance?

Ha ha, lim peh ka li kong, when me met my cha-bo-lang it was the reverse, me watch horror movies me scared until grabbed her hand, learnt every ball games, bike riding, dance steps and even swimming from her so me still got the chance to have body contacts, WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

lim peh kong wan liao


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