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Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Day To Remember

lim peh ka li kong

16 December is a memorable date for me and my cha-bo-lang. I can still remember it was this day many years ago that I made my marriage vow and was solemnised in front of our family members and relatives.

So what did we do this year on our anniversary?

As it was a Friday, both of us went to work as usual la, no work where got money? Anyway, after work 2 of us went to watch "King Kong" and comparing the one I saw in 1977, this one is better in terms of special effects and the show lasted 3 hrs and 5 minutes.

We didn't have time to eat our dinner as we reached the cinema at 7 pm sharp which was the starting time.

After the show, we headed for Lavender Food Square to meet up with some of the bloggers we know and had supper together.

Apart from the few we had met before - Qin Shi Huang, Xorpheus, Monkichi and Xishi, there was 1 new face whom we have not met in person : the four leaf lady - Elydia.

We had a wonderful night again and talked on different topics. Think we covered almost everything and anything under the sun. From fire-crackers to spiders; from clogs to blogs; from the good old days to our current life of techno-ways; from ghosts and black magic to bloggers we would like to meet; etc etc etc ...

Alas, good time flies faster than anything. Before we even knew it, it was already 1 am and Old Beng me and my cha-bo-lang had to bid farewell to the other bloggers as my cha-bo-lang had to work the next day.

Special thanks had to be credited to the following friends:-

Qin Shi Huang - His good choice of location.

Xorpheus - His jovial attitude and funny jokes.

Monkichi - Her kind sharing of good items with us.

Xishi - Her errie stories that sent the creeps down our spines.

Elydia - A sweet and pleasant young girl, her presence brought us joy.

lim peh kong wan liao

* Just a note:

1) Nobody took any photographs for this gathering at all, Huh why like that?

2) Me was expecting more new faces but ...

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