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Thursday, October 19, 2006

10 Signs Of Old Beng

lim peh ka li kong

If you happened to bump into an old uncle with the following signs, chances that he is Old Beng is rather high.

1) He starts his conversation with "lim peh ka li kong" and ends it with "lim peh kong wan liao".

2) He looks/ sees/ stares at young pretty girl girl with big eyes, stunt look and a small puddle of saliva drooling on the ground. ^_^"""

3) Tag along by a significant view of 12 children.

4) Hyper sensitive to someone's "Roar". @_@***

5) His ear-lobes are much longer than a normal person.

6) Unexplained cold sweat will appear on his forehead whenever his cha-bo-lang stares at him with her 2 big eyes.

7) He starts to stutter whenever he is instigated by his cha-bo-lang.

8) He starts to fart whenever he is kan-chiong.

9) His favourate past time is digging gold. * eeeeek *

10) He has the "Cinderella" syndrome, must reach home by 12 midnight.

lim peh kong wan liao

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