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Monday, September 26, 2005

Old Beng Went To Orchard Road

lim peh ka li kong

Last weekend, me and my cha-bo-lang (wife) went walking in Orchard Road bcos she wanted to go shopping to buy new clothes for next week´s cousin´s wedding diiner.

I just cannot understand leh? Wedding dinner only what, why must buy new clothes? Give ang-bao for the dinner already heart pain, now somemore buy new clothes? lagi siong. (more worst) somemore not she marry leh, why so kan-chiong? (excited?)

But bo-pian (no choice), after I grumbled a bit on why she want to waste money, she suddenly opened her eyes big big and stared at me until my cold sweat dripped down my back, then I quietly followed her lor. Scared siah.

Wa-piang, I tell you all ah, dont know why Orchard Road so many people one ah, walked also difficult but quite good cos I can see many many swee cha-bo (pretty girls) but I can only pretend pretend see through the corner of my eyes if not later my wife discovered I see girls, sure die.

Only 5 minutes my eyes already cannot take it, so tired. My eyes felt like one in Bedok another in Jurong and become a little bit pak-chiao (shoot bird) - still dont understand what is shoot bird then bo-pian I also dont know how to explain in english. Maybe you all can try to see thing through the corners of your eyes only and must see secrectly and not discover by your friends beside you for 5 minutes, then you will understand what I mean by shoot-bird eyes.

But one thing very funny leh, although Orchard road was very crowded, everytime we walked towards a big crowd of people walking in opposite direction, the people sure automatic gave way to us. I scratched my head and just could not understand why Singaporeans suddenly so good manners.

Only until my wife told me because I was wearing sleeveless T-shirt and everybody could see my pictures (one hand got tiger and the other got eagle) tattooed on my arms so they scared the tiger and eagle bite them.

Oh please, old beng got tattoo doesn´t mean me fierce ganster or hooligan ok? It is because last time young young time dont know how to think now regret also cannot do anything liao.

After last weekend, I have decided to ask my cha-bo-lang to go Orchard to buy things more often so that I can see many many pretty girls when I go with her, ha ha.

lim peh kong wan liao

PS: Think I must start to wear shirt with sleeves more often.

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