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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

14 February, 2006

lim peh ka li kong

Yesterday when me came home from work, the moment me stepped into the house, a nice yummy smell immediately hit my sense of smell.

Me saw my cha-bo-lang cooking in the kitchen, Woo Hoo!! She's preparing our Valentine Dinner.

I had a good share of fruit salad as well as a vegetable salad prior to the main course.

Finally, my cha-bo-lang brought out 2 big plates of main course and the smell really made my stomach growl loudly.

The photo wasn't taken well due to the resolution of my lousy handphone. Let me describe the food on the plate: there are 2 halves of Crayfish, Spaghetti with Crab-sticks and ham, Bacon with Broccoli, Fried prawn and fish with Wasabi sauce.

After we finished our dinner, me brought out the present me bought for my cha-bo-lang: A CD by High Society - Amor. The songs compiled in the CD consist mainly of Spanish songs.

Eh, sorry hor, me no buy flower for my cha-bo-lang, not because me not romantic but didn't want to be a sucker to pay so high a price for the flower.

Just when we went to bed, me saw a present and a card on my side of the bed. Ha, my cha-bo-lang also got present for me leh. It was a card and a CD.

Huh? CD also? We 2 really think alike.

Anyway, this is the Valentine Day's Card from my cha-bo-lang. (Sorry, contents written inside the card is not share-able).

The CD I got was a plain Music Collection with different types of songs and all the songs were very relaxing and soothing. (Although I did not listen to the CD while having tea).

lim peh kong wan liao

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