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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

China Relatives

lim peh ka li kong

Last year, my relatives from China came to Singapore for a short stay.

Me, a very free good person, offered my service and brought them around for some sight-seeing and tasting of our local food.

I brought my China Uncle, Aunty, Cousin and Niece to the Hawker Centre at Ghim Moh.

After walking 2 rounds in the Hawker Centre, we finally managed to find a seat when a family left after their meal.

The table was full of their uncleared plates and used tissue paper.

I told my China relatives to be seated while I went around buying some food for them.

Thinking of letting them have more variety in our local food, I ordered Carrot Cakes (both black and white), Nasi Lemak, Fried Bee-hoon noodles and chui-kway 水粿.
While I brought the chui-kway 水粿 to the table where they were seated, my China Uncle saw a woman pushing a trolley walking past and he said to the woman,"喂!来把这些碗碟收了吧。"

The woman who was pushing the trolley stared at my China Uncle with eyes open big big and I had to apologize to her cos my China Uncle had mistaken her, a hawker, as the cleaner.

I told my China Uncle that he had made a mistake but he said, "是吗?她就象是个收碗碟的嘛。。。"

Anyway, I managed to locate a cleaner nearby and asked her to help us cleared the plates on our table.

On the table were some used tissue-paper which was left behind by the family before us and my China Uncle just took it to clean the table top.

Piangz!! I darn scared my China Uncle suddenly wanted to touch my hand. Luckily lim peh was spared.

On top of the local food in Ghim Moh, we also brought them to a Chinese Restaurant and had dinner. (Lim peh paid the highest price for the fish we ordered - $160 for 1 fish) 令伯一边吃着贵鱼一边流着泪。
What the fish!!

Lim peh kong wan liao
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