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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spain Oh Spain

lim peh ka li kong

We went to Spain (yes, again) for 2 weeks (Nov 2010) and that was the 4th time we were there since 2005. Am I complaining? Of course not. A getaway, engulfed ourselves in cold weather, a “lomantic” trip with cha-bo-lang.

We went to Baecelona, Montserrat and Madrid. The breakfast spread in the hotel is always the same and after eating them everyday, it was ready 难顶

Luckily, cha-bo-lang thought far ahead and we had these for breakfast for a change.

Nut Bar, 3-1 Kopi and even 杯杯面

CBL bought ham, cheese and bread from a local supermarket.

What can we see in Barcelona? To us, it's just the searching of the past feelings and memories, nothing new except there are more shops around the Hotel we were staying.

We were walking around and saw 2 graffitis

A smiling face makes my day!
 We went to the Market place at La Ramblas and saw these beautifully arranged fruits, candy and flowers.

Beautiful Candies (Can you see the Eye-ball candies)

Cute chocolate you don't feel like eating them
We walked around and found the same Restaurant selling Pinchos and we ate quite a few.

A whole spread of Pinchos

Although we have visited the magnificant Temple Expiatoria de la Sagrada Familia, we went there again. Seeing it for the 3rd time still gave me the WOW feeling.

lim peh took a photo in the Metro Station, the wall tiles were nicely done.

Walk, walk and more walk made lim peh hungry so we went for our lunch and the food we had was rather nice.

Nice fish

Delicious Paella
西北好吃的small sotong

Took a photo in the nice restaurant - wonder why the lady behind lim peh covered her face?
Since the last trip we were in Barcelona, we realised that the Country has become more eco-friendly. There are many many Bins along the whole stretch of road and the Bins are very big.


This trip, we went to Montserrat - a public religious site. We actually saw the unique mountains when we were high up in the plane.

"Montserrat" literally means "jagged mountain" in Catalan. It describes the peculiar aspect of the rock formation, which is visible from a great distance.

The mountain seen on our way up
Took a photo while we were on our way up to the mountain in the train.
Does the figure looks familiar to you?

See the unique shapes of the mountain

* click to enlarge photo *
  Took a photo in front of the Basilica before going in.

There's a Choir performance where I stood but during Winter, the performance is inside the Basilica

A nice view from the top before we left the place.

While in Madrid, my colleagues brought me to a nice Restaurant for a nice lunch and lim peh went there with cha-bo-lang one night for dinner.

Nice Restaurant
Super tasty roti

Free appetizer
Paella with Squid Ink

Spanish cooking lamb

Cold freezing sherbert

It was Christmas season and there were some decorations in Madrid, just to share some with you:

The Big Bright "Moon" hanging in the middle of the street


We went to the Reina Sofia Museum and spent the whole day there, share some arts here:

The distinguish unique drawing style of the famous one

Yes, the drawing of Pablo Picasso

Another nice drawing


Ok, enough of lengthy words, see photo la.


Took some interesting photos and a video:

Limited parking space? No problem.
Cute Little Monk
<><><><><><><><>Snowing Snowing Snowing!  
Do You Want To Sleep With Me? LOL!

 lim peh kong wan liao
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