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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blog Posts I'll Like To share (2)

lim peh ka li kong

After my last post, these are another few posts which lim peh like:

Only when lim peh read Slurp's posts, do I know that a person can pen his views on issues that are just so plain in our eyes into a written piece of work. Whether a topic is complex or simple, Slurp is able to post it in an extremely well-written blog. Example is this post about breakfast eggs and yes this guy sure can take nice photos:
Slurp's Eggs

Bobo is a PYT (pretty young thing) and she sure writes nice post. This is one special post lim peh like very much and it is so lucky to be her partner cos she will go all the way just to buy a shirt for him:
Bobo's Search

Although many say that No Eyes writes too vulgarly but to me, he is a fine young man, apart from his personal life. His following post really made me salute him:
No Eye's Countdown At Orchard Road (Contents not suitable for the minors hor).

The following post is very funny from Jaywalk, this guy writes a lot and writes on different issues, he is definitely one of my favourite bloggers:
Jaywalk's Mandarin Boo Boo

衫, a young girl working in Singapore and yes she writes some nice articles and this funny one is something lim peh like very much:
衫's Funny Phrases

Apart from Bear 一只熊, another likable female Brunei blogger is Fish 子非鱼. Her posts are usually 言之有物的 and at times, she does write short, nice and good posts. 1 example to share especially the last 2 lines:
鱼's Thoughts

lim peh kong wan liao
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