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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Interesting Post

lim peh ka li kong

Saw this interesting posting in ZenEkz´s blog, must share with you.

Click here to read about it.

* Source from ZenEkz blog *

// Quote //


Guys drinks to forget about the girl...
Girls drinks to think back about that guy..

When guys are in love, they become poorer
But when girls are in love, they become prettier

Guys can forget, but cannot forgive...
Girls can forgive, but cannot forget..

Guys care most about the quantity of love...
But girls care most about the quality of love..

Guys break-up when they feel love from another Girl...
Girls break-up when they feel Separation from her man...

Guys feels curious towards all girls...
Girls feel curious towards the guys who are Interested in her..

When guys are heartbroken, they try to forget the girl by going out with other girls...
When girls are heartbroken, they try to find his Characteristics from other guys...

Guys wishes to be her first love....
And girls wishes to be his last love...

//ZenEkz - Well... think its true... to certain extent//

// Unquote //

lim peh kong wan liao


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