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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

lim peh ka li kong

Since me started blogging, me is like a sotong - 7 hands 8 legs, grabbing and posting all kinds of issues in my blog. Old Beng´s tales with his 12 children; Daily life with photgraphs; 10 Signs; Cartoons; 狮城怪谈; 散文与心情; Other Bloggers´ interesting links;

Just my answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Q: What is "lim peh ka li kong" and "lim peh kong wan liao"?
A: "Let me tell you" and "I have finished talking".

Q : Are your stories real?
A : Some real, some not so real and some totally not real.

Q : Your wife really looks like Fiona Xie and you really have 12 children meh?
A : The best jokes are true and the best truths are jokes. 真亦假时假亦真,做人何必太认真?

Q : Why do you want to lie in your postings?
A : Fictitious issues are more interesting and enjoyable but "lie" is too strong a word.

Q : Why do you want to blanco your face in the photographs?
A : Me happy, me like, me shiok what.

Q : Then may as well don´t put your photo la.
A : Then you may as well don´t read lor.

Q : Why don´t you write about politics issues and criticise our current Government which I believe you can write very well?
A : Don´t know anything about politics and please don´t try to teach your father how to f... ok!

Q : Why don´t you add in some spices and use more vulgarity to enhance your postings and make it more humourous and interesting like Rockson´s?
A : Hello? Vulgarity is never my cup of tea, go write your own blog if you so love vulgarity.

Q : Do you delete comments which are left in your blog?
A : Depending on the contents but YES I do delete comments if I find them inappropriate.

Q : Why? Don´t you believe in freedom of speech?
A : Of course, freedom of speech is only for me in my blog but not open to public. You want to have freedom of speech? Go write your own blog.

Q : Would you mind me linking your blog or link some of your postings?
A : Not at all, in fact it is an honour to be linked but hope that I can be notified so that I can thank you.

Q : How can I get in touch with you?
A : Leave comment in my blog or you can email me at

Q : Where do you get the ideas of the 10 signs? Did you copy them from somewhere?
A : 10 signs are solely my own creation and I always acknowledge if I am quoting some ideas.

Q : 你的华文文章多数都注明为 “旧著”,什么意思?
A : 很多年前,当老明还是小明时,曾多次投稿于报章与杂志,当时被刊登的稿就是我现在 upload 为 “旧著”。

Q : 为何总是 “旧著”,没新著吗?
A : 当然有 “新著” 啦,只是想先把 “旧著” upload 完。所写过的 “新著” 就有 “最。。。/对联”、“姨母”、“忆先父”、“福建童谣” 等等。

Q : 你曾拥有过的笔名?
A : 雷城、洪城、若现。

Q : 当时的你有自己的专栏吗?
A : “狮城怪谈”、“鬼话连篇”、“凡夫俗子” 以及 “醉入红尘”。

Q : “狮城怪谈” 里的故事都是真实的吗?
A : 对,都是真实的, 恐怖吗?

Any more questions for me?

lim peh kong wan liao

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