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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blog Posts I'll Like To Share (4)

lim peh ka li kong

After my previous 3 posts sharing of blog posts lim peh like part 1part 2 and part 3, these are few more which lim peh will like to share:

Ang Gu Gu is a funny blogger from Malaysia and he writes some very funny posts. lim peh like this one cos sometimes lim peh is also like Beckham 假假 see girl girl through the corners of my eyes ^^"
Ang Gu Gu's Beckham
* This guy very funny one, writes stops writes and then stops again *

I have chanced into this interesting blog recently, very interesting mixed contents in the blog. I find this post extremely funny.
LOL8's The Left And The Right
Simple Guy's blog is one of my personal favourites. His posts make me smile, ponder, feel sad but really entertaining.
Simple Guy's posting of A Loving Father

少俊的 blog 很多姿多彩,写影评,论人生,话心情等等。游览他的 blog 就犹如与朋友一聚。喜欢他以下两篇影评,无法取舍。。。影评之一:韩片 - 回家 & 谈 Pixar

Don 的生命的光彩

Season : 型男, Cool Man, Stylo and he sure writes well. 读读他这篇后,你一定有同感Season's Chinese post 重生

lim peh kong wan liao
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