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Friday, February 02, 2007

An Incident 4

lim peh ka li kong

Waiting for another Incident story? Heard this story, here it goes...


"So are we still going?" Mike looked at John with a challenging look.

"Eh... think we better not meddle with this type of things la," John told Mike and John´s fiancee, Eileen who was sitting behind him in the back-seat also said, "Yeah lor, Mike, we shan´t meddle with the unknown..."

Even Jenny, Mike´s newly-wed wife, said, "Mike, we really shouldn´t mess with something we are not sure of, furthermore, what will we gain?"

"Ha!!! You all are just chicken, scared huh?" Mike said sarcastically with a smirk smile that lingered at the tip of his mockery smiling lips.

Pointing his finger at John, Mike said scornfully, "John, you were the one who said that you have seen the old lady who summoned the spirits of the dead with your very eyes. Now that we have agreed to go and see the incident with our eyes, you want to chicken out?"

Mike and John were NS buddy and they had known each other for more that 10 years. Eileen was John´s fiancee and Jenny was Mike´s wife. They were making small talks over dinner and the subject about the spirits of the dead was discussed and John mentioned that he had seen a Medium summoning the spirit of his dead Grandfather about a month ago.

Mike was one stubborn jackass who did not believe in spiritual issues and they had agreed to go for the summoning of the spirits again tonight.

"Eh... Mike..." John tried to further dissuade his buddy but Mike stopped him to talk further and said, "Come on, just go and see that medium again, what will we lose?"

"Mike, I am not feeling very well, let´s go home," Jenny pleaded.

"No, we are going and that´s final. What´s wrong with you all?" Mike said angrily.

"Alright, alright, let´s just go, maybe that medium is not available tonight." John said as he didn´t want both Mike and Jenny to quarrel.

Finally, after half an hour of silence ride, the 4 arrived at the Medium´s house.

"Mike, I am really not feeling well, I am not going in and I shall wait in the car," Jenny told Mike.

"I will stay with Jenny and take care of her," Eileen said.

"Alright, you 2 girls stay in the car and wait for us. I will go in with Mike," John quickly interfered before Mike could say anything.

"Ok, guess it won´t take long," Mike said to Jenny before they opened the car door and stepped into the medium´s house.

When they stepped into the hall, there were about 5 groups of people waiting for their turns.

"Mike, so long queue, shall we just go..." John whispered to Mike cos it was in total silence even though there were so many people in the hall.

"We will wait." Mike answered softly.

While they were waiting for their turn, the Medium (an old lady) was sitting facing the main door with her eyes closed. There was a young man standing beside the medium and he kept wiping the face of the Medium as she perspired a great deal during the process.

One thing that amused Mike was that the Medium spoke in different voices every time a new spirit was called upon. She sounded like an old man, a young girl with China 山东 accent, a perfect Cantonese conversation.

Mike was thinking to himself, "This Medium is rather professional as she can speak more than 1 dialect thus making her show more genuine."

Finally, after a long wait, it was Mike´s turn.

"Yes?" the young man asked Mike.

"I will like to summon the spirit of my... eh...cousin." Mike said.

"Tell us the deceased name, gender, date of death, last residing place." The man said.

"Jenny Siah, female, eh... I don´t know her death date but her birth date is xxth June, 19xx, last residing at Block xxx, xxxx Road, #08-1xx, Singapore xxxxxx" Mike answered.

John was totally shocked when he heard Mike playing a trick by providing Jenny´s particulars to the Medium, "Mike...."

"Sh... John, please do not interrupt the Medium to do her job." Mike stopped John from saying any further.

The Medium was swaying slightly and mumbling the particulars of Jenny. After 3 minutes of unsuccessful attempts of summoning the spirit of Jenny, the Medium stopped and whispered to the young man beside her.

"Sorry, she cannot find the spirit of the deceased you wanted to summon..." The young man said. "You should come back another night to try..."

"Please try again. We have come all the way here and I will not leave unless I speak to Jenny´s spirit." Mike said with a pathetic tone but in his heart he was roaring with laughter and calling the Medium a Con-Woman.

"Ok, we will try again."

The Medium swayed in greater motion and from her mouth came her hoarse chanting, "Is Jenny Siah available? Please lead her spirit to us, PLEASE LEAD HER SPIRIT TO US NOW! NOW!! NOW!!!"

John was totally freak-out and he had to hold on to Mike´s arm to be able to stand upright without collapsing onto the ground.

"JENNY SIAH...COME...NOW...COME NOW!...COME NOW!!!..." The Medium continued to summon the spirit of Jenny and her voice became louder and louder, "PLEASE LEAD HER TO ME NOW... NOW.. JENNY... PLEASE COME FORWARD...."

And suddenly, the Medium halted for a mere second, as if she was struck by a bolt of lightning and her voice changed completely, "Woo... woo... where am I ... what happen to me woo hoo ... why am I here... I feel cold... I ... woo.... ArrrrrgggghhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Mike.... what have you done..."

Both John and Mike fell onto the ground as they both recognised Jenny´s voice which was coming out from the Medium´s mouth.

While both of them were staring at the Medium who was crying in Jenny´s voice, Eileen stormed into the hall with face as pale as a piece of white sheet of paper and tears all over her face, cried, "Mike! John! Quick, Jenny has collapsed in the car, please help...."


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