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Friday, November 02, 2007

Suay Ah Seng

lim peh ka li kong

My buddy, Ah Seng came and talk cock with lim peh yesterday after work and he looked rather angry.

Seeing him having a long black face, lim peh kay-poh and asked him, "Oei, Ah Seng, why so long face, got people owed you money ah?"

"No la, you know I where got extra money to lend people." Ah Seng replied in a rather sad tone.

"So why you so moody? Who made our Ah Seng so angry?"

"Ai-ya, my house 母老虎 lor." Ah Seng said.

"Ha! Must be you again go outside 口花花, hanky panky then kena caught si bo? I already told you before..." lim peh said.

"Lao Beng, you never change one la, always jumping into conclusion and assume things." Ah Seng stopped me half way.

"Huh? Not you trying to be funny meh?"

"Let me tell you la" Ah Seng told me the following.....


I am still very angry about the incident which happened yesterday evening when I went home after driving for the whole day.

While I parked my taxi outside my house, I saw my 母老虎 and our 7-year-old boy waiting for me at the gate.

The minute I stepped out of my taxi, my 母老虎 walked towards me and I received something from her on my right cheek. A kiss? No la, if it was a kiss, I where got angry one, happy also 来不及.

She gave me a tight slap on my handsome right cheek. I was totally stun to receive such treatment from her. Before I could say anything, she gave me another slap on my left cheek.

Wa-lau, although the slaps sounded rather loud, they were not really painful but my whole face was as red as the tomato because my neighbours were all rushing around us, darn malu siah.

I queried my 母老虎 as to why she slapped me, she told me that she had instructed our son to call me on my mobile phone in the afternoon but 5 times our son tried to reached me, there was another woman answering my phone.

My 母老虎 was very angry as to why another woman was answering my mobile. I thought my son had called the wrong number but he did dial the right numbers and there was no mistake about it.

"So you still want to deny?" My 母老虎 asked me sternly. "Ah boy, tell us what the woman said when you called your Daddy this afternoon."

My son said, "Starhub is not getting a respond from the subscriber´s mobile phone, please try again later..."


lim peh kong wan liao
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