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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Old Beng Felt Ashame

lim peh ka li kong,

Not so long ago, me and my cha-bor-lang (wife) went to attend a seminar cum presentation talk by a Japanese professor in Suntec City.

Wah-piang, all the people there all wear high high class one, except me old beng in cheapo T-shirt BUT I tell you all ah, I never felt more ashame then.

When the Jap Professor kong finish his speech, there was a Q&A session open to the floor.

Then hor, while some pple were asking the professor some questions, other people started to leave and walked out of the hall like nobody´s business.

Worst, lim peh saw even the organisor own staffs (I know they are own staff bcos they all wear the organisor shirt and were ushering people in the beginning of the talk) also walk out in groups.

I think got at least 100 people walked out in the midst of the seminar without any respect at all.

Lim peh felt like strangling those high class dressing people but too many of them leh.

Some HongKongers sitting behind old beng commented loudly (LOOK AT THESE SINGAPOREANS, SO BLOODY RUDE!!)

At that moment, I felt shameful to be a Singaporean. :(

Dont scold me bcos I say I feel ashame to be a Singaporean, lim peh stay here since birth for 40 years liao, so dont tell me I dont like my country hor.

It´s just that, at that moment, I really felt ashame...

lim peh kong wan liao

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