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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

An Incident 3

I am very excited because May finally invited me to her house.

Hmmm, let me see, how long have I known May and fallen in love with her? I still remembered that night I met her on the bus which she boarded before me.

She was searching frantically for her EZ-Link Card in her bag with a long queue of passengers behind her. After not able to find her EZ-Link Card, she finally pulled out a $50 note and asked the bus driver for change.

"Ah Moi, take bus where got change one. Just put in la." The bus driver tried to be funny.

"Huh!?!? $50, I may as well take a cab and still got change leh." May told the bus driver off.

I took out my second EZ-Link card and passed it to May, "Miss, I have 2 cards, you may use mine."

That was how we started, thanks to that bus driver and of course my 2nd EZ-Link Card.

After 6 months (5 months 27 days to be precise), I am gonna meet her family at last. May is staying with her old grandmother (93 years old) and an older sister, June.

After meeting May at the bus-stop near her house after work, we walk up to the 2nd storey of her flat. When May opens the door with her key, I actually feel a little nervous.

Her grandmother is sitting on a rocking chair in the sitting hall, fanning herself with a fan, watching T.V.

"Ah Ma, I am back from work. How have you been today?" May speaks affectionately to her grandmother.

Grandmother looks at May with a wide smile showing only 2 remaining teeth and says, "I am fine today, just passing time."

"Ah Ma, this is my friend, Tom." says May pointing at me.

"Ah Ma, how are you?" I try to talk to May´s grandmother.

May´s grandmother just looks at me without saying anything. May turns around and leads me to sit on the sofa opposite her grandmother. "Please take a seat, let me cook dinner while you talk to my Ah Ma." and she goes into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

"Ah Ma, today weather very hot hor, ha ha ha." I suddenly don´t know what to say.

"......" Ah Ma just stares at the T.V. set without even responding to me.

"Ah Ma, what programme are you watching huh?" I try striking up a conversation again.

"......" Ah Ma no response again.

"......" I totally lost my speech.

Just then, someone opens the door and a young lady walks in. I know she is May´s sister, June, because they both have the same beautiful eyes. June walks up to her grandmother and touches Ah Ma´s face and asks, "Ah Ma, are you hungry? I will cook rice now."

I sit there looking at June with a smile and before I can introduce myself to her, Ah Ma starts to talk, "You don´t have to cook dinner tonight la, May is cooking now..."

"Ah Ma, you have to face the reality. I know you still can´t accept it but..."

"No la, June. I just talk to May..."

"An Ma, May is already dead."

"No la, you are wrong, I just talk to May and she is now cooking dinner for us in the kitchen..."

"Ah Ma! May already died a week ago. I know you are sad, so am I but we must move on." June hugs her grandmother and cries.

I am totally shock in hearing June´s words. I stand up and walk to the kitchen to look for May. On my way to the kitchen, I walk pass an altar table and there I see May´s photo on it.

Upon seeing it, I don´t believe my eyes. How can that be? I have been seeing May everyday after work for the past week.

I have just come up with May so how can she be dead? Unless... unless I am seeing ghost. I can feel cold sweat dripping down my back and the temperature around me suddenly drops...

While I am standing there looking at the photo, May, with tears flowing down her beautiful face, walks out from the kitchen towards me.

"May, your sis says you are already dead, this is a joke right?" I try not to believe what I see on the altar table.

"Tom, June is right, I am already dead but I just can’t leave my Ah Ma behind and she is still able to see me."

"But... but... I can see you too."

From behind my back, Ah Ma starts to talk, "June, you see May is standing right there."

June looks at our direction and says, "Ah Ma, you are imagining things, nobody is there. May is not there."

Now I believe what June says because she cannot see May at all, unlike Ah Ma... WAIT!!!!


May holds my hand and says, "Tom, you and I are both dead. We died last week in that fatal accident and today is our 7th day..."


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