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Friday, September 30, 2005

Old Beng at Shop & Save

lim peh ka li kong

Last weekend me and my cha-bo-lang went to "Shop and Save" to do our weekly grocery shopping. Wa-piang, when we reached there we saw "people mountain people sea", like buy things no need money one.

Every corner we turned, sure saw many China Nationalities talking loudly in their China accent Chinese. I am not against China people but I sure do not like to see the Chinese women roaming around in their pyjamas. If wear lingerie ok lah, but no leh, all I saw were the old-fashioned type - some even bright red in colour. Luckily dont have any Chinese character printed on their pyjamas, if not really looked like the corpse baju.

I saw two Chinese women, while choosing chai sim at the Vegetable corner, peeling the leaves from another chai sim and stuffed the leaves into another bag containing chai sim. I was really puzzled by their action until my cha-bo-lang told me that the price charged for the chai sim by packet and not by weight or size. I could only shake my head because I think Chinese women maybe earned only a little money so trying ways and means to save more money. Then, I saw one of the women took out her handphone, wah, the latest Nokia model leh. Just like my friend, Ah Huat, earns less than 900 dollars a month yet bought a very expensive handphone with many functions which after 6 months of purchased never even see him use the functions before. Why waste money on handphone with functions you don't even know how to use or maybe he also not aware of the functions available?

As we were taking the chocolate from the shelves, I realised a packet of "Time out" chocolate bars was open and there were only 3 pieces left in the packet. OMG, some people must have open the packet and took the chocolate from inside and eat. Same thing went to the packet drinks because we saw a "6-pack" of Soya bean drinks had only 4 packets left intact and 2 half empty packets were left unfinished lying helplessly on the shelf.

Are these the work of the our fine Singaporeans? How can people be doing such things or is it the chocolates and drinks were eaten and drunk by cockroaches and rats?

The fruits section is usually the place we spent most time there because Old Beng and family love to eat a lot of fruits which is very good to our health. That day, Old Beng and my cha-bo-lang laughed until our tears rolled down our cheeks when we saw some wise guy placed 2 rambutans and a banana at the display shelf. The way the fruits were displayed resembled certain body parts of a man, I think must be the work of some mischievous teenager. Ai-yo I tell you all ah, luckily that day none of our children was with us, if not sure malu one.

When we were making our payment at the cashier counter, I realised one old man kept looking at our direction when my cha-bo-lang cleared the full-load of groceries out of the trolley cart. My wife had to bend forward to take the groceries out from the trolley cart. Hello Ah Pek, dont see see until like that can, I know my cha-bo-lang wore a low collar T-shirt but you don't have to see until saliva also start to drool leh. I told my cha-bo-lang let me cleared the stuff instead for I so afraid later the Chi-Ko-Ah-Pek's heart cannot take it heart attack how?

The Chi-Ko-Ah-Pek kept staring at my cha-bo-lang until I also cannot tahan anymore had to roll up my sleeves to expose my tiger and eagle to frighten the poor Ah Pek away.

lim peh kong wan liao

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