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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

10 Beautiful Girls

lim peh ka li kong

Different people have different tastes and views on certain issues. Different men view girl girl as beautiful differently and me was thinking that night, when me couldn´t sleep, what kind of girl girl will be considered as beautiful.

With my eyes closed, my mind wandered far away in a beautiful land with those beautiful girl girl...

1) Shu Qi 舒淇

The first time me saw Shu Qi acting was, ahem, a Category III Hong Kong movie. Though I must say her body was, eh still is, beautiful, I actually like her lips more. I was in fact quite happy when she stopped making Category III movies but kena quite a lot of insults from my hum-sap kakis when I voiced out my view to them.

2) Lee Li Chen 李丽珍 She has a pretty face and innocent cum ignorant look. Half way through her career, she too became the actress in some Category III movies. Stop the smutter, dirty, filthy smile on your face ok!?!? I think she is beautiful in her own unique way, not just her vital stats. Lately she has become rather weird with all the lousy news of her. My impression on her changed drastically but me still think she is pretty.

3) Kuan Zhi Lin 关芝琳 She was once my idol and I really think she was one of the most beautiful lady then. Saw her recently in the papers and though she does look older but she still looks good to me.

4) Zhong Li Ti 钟丽缇 Hmmm, although she is already a mother of one, her sexiness still lingers around her though, like Kuan Zhi Lin, she has somehow aged but gives her a more matured image. Just look at her body face.

5) Akina 中森明菜 How can I not classify her as a all-time favourite beautiful girl? Although me do not understand a single song she sang but just looking at her was enough to sweep Old Beng off the ground. She was one Goddess to all young men during those good old days.

6) Angelina Jolie She is SEXY, she is HOT, she is BEAUTIFUL. Need I say more?

7) Aishwarya Rai Though I can´t even pronounce her name correctly but boy, she has the most beautiful face I must say. Beauty leaves no border at all.

8) Lin Zhi Lin 林志玲

Pretty face, nice figure plus good EQ = Lin Zhi Lin 林志玲. Her 嗲-ness really makes a lot of "麻甩佬" drool over her.

9) Cecilia Cheung 张柏芝 Many say she resembles Lin Qing Xia 林青霞. To me she is better cos she has the plus point for being young. A very pretty girl indeed.

10) Cha-bo-lang

Of all the girl girl whom me have mentioned, the most beautiful woman in this world to me is still my cha-bo-lang. Of course la, if not how will I want to marry her? (This last one very important, if left out, lim peh ka li kong, sure will have World War III). ^_^"""

lim peh kong wan liao

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