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Friday, February 09, 2007

10 Incidents Which Make You Go @$%#&€@ Part II

lim peh ka li kong

Me wrote about 10 Incidents Which Make You Go @$%#&€@ in October 2006, then realised there are more incidents to it.

1) Disgusting and inconsiderate Ah Pek spitting in the public; Some Taxi drivers will just bo-chap open the car-door, stick their heads out and spit.

2) KNN KNS Idiotic smokers smoking openly in coffee shop even though they know they are sitting at the non-smoking section.

3) You entered into a lift and was greeted with the fart left by the person who had just got out of the lift.

4) Some mischievous naughty boy pressed the buttons to every floor in the lift after he got out of the lift and you entered on level one.

5) You gave an ang-bao of $2 to your friend´s son and he gave you son an ang-bao with only $1. Lugi $1 man! (nb, still got people give $1 ang-bao one meh?)

6) You tried to makan 15 minutes before the actual tearing time in your parking coupon and suay suay that @$%#&€ "Aunty" came to check your coupon 10 minutes after you left. (Stop blaming the "Aunty", she´s just doing her job, blamed yourself la):

7) You hid your extra bonus in your pocket but forgot to clear it out before you handed the pair of trousers to your wife to wash and knowing that she will check all pockets before throwing the trousers into the washing machine.

8) That driver stopped his car in the yellow box just in front of the small road which you were trying to drive out.

9) Trolleys pushed by Aunties at the super-market just rammed into your poor ankles and as if nothing had happened and walked away; Some kns ones even stared at you because YOU deserved to be rammed as you were blocking her way.

10) Your computer "hang" until cannot move/save anything that you had done for the past 30 minutes (school projects, Office presentation, blogging) and everything you prepared was not saved and you have to @$%#&€@ re-do everything all over again.

lim peh kong wan liao

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