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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Drinker The Smoker & The Gay

lim peh ka li kong

Bored with life? Hectic with work? Problems with boss? Neh mind, come come let lim peh tell you a joke:


Our 3 friends Sibeh Sian is a drinker; Lau Hero is a smoker and No Eyes is a gay;

One day, all three of them were in a doctor's office.

The doctor told each of them that, if they indulged in their bad habit one more time, they would die.

All 3 of them left the Doctor and walked quietly side by side.

Outside they passed a bar.

Sibeh Sian said, "I don't care if I die, I need a drink and I need it right now!"

Sibeh Sian went into the bar, took a drink and, sure enough, he dropped dead.

Meanwhile, Lau Hero the smoker and No Eyes the gay guy were walking along.

Then hor, Lau Hero saw a lit cigarette on the sidewalk.

No Eyes looked over and said, "If you bend down to pick that up, we're both dead."


* A big thank you to Sibeh Sian,Lau Hero and No Eyes for dropping by *

lim peh kong wan liao
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