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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

10 Signs Of A Chio-Bu

lim peh ka li kong

Sometimes me walk walk see see, see so many pretty, swee chio-bu (girl girl) until my poor eyes so tired.

How can some girl girl be so pretty?

Lim peh present to you, "10 Signs Of A Chio-Bu"

1) No need cosmetics also very pretty liao.

2) Woke up face also makes you want to kiss her.

3) A plain T-shirt and a Bermuda is also "No Horse Run".

4) Normally can always get the first priority in long queues.

5) All heads turn to look at her. (Including females).

6) Always kena stopped in the street asking to join to work as Model/Actress/Singer.

7) Even her fart is fragrance to some.

8) Most of the time puts on a stern face and seldom smile to "push" away "Colour Wolves".

9) Always gets a large share of vegetables, fish, pork meat etc whenever she orders lunch.

10) No matter how she eats or what she eats, she is still very slim in figure. (Any how eat also won´t fat, lim peh don´t eat also fat.)

lim peh kong wan liao

P.S. If any of you out there knows any girl girl who fits into the above 10 pointers, please introduce hor.

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