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Friday, June 29, 2007

Things My Cha-Bo-Lang Cannot Stand

lim peh ka li kong

Being imprisoned married for so many years, I know my cha-bo-lang pretty well. I also know of some things she cannot stand me doing which me usually do behind her back but sometimes kena caught by her. =_="""

1) Dig gold until no day no night. (Skip this point 1 if you are eating now)
Lim peh also dont know why leh, this digging habit of mine just clings onto me for the longest time. Actually hor, digging is okay one la just do not roll it between your thumb and finger and then 弹 shoot it out like a bullet can liao.

2) Slack completely in the sofa watching T.V. after meal - A real potato 大番薯
Who will actually sit in an upright posture at home after a hard day´s work while resting? Somemore after a sumptuous dinner and watching T.V.? At home sure must relax lah so once in a while we should slack a bit at home.

3) Shake leg
Lim peh think ah, for men to shake legs is ok one la, girl girl shake legs then not so nice. The Chinese believes that if your shake your leg then your wealth will also be shaken away. No wonder lim peh no money leh.

4) Keeping my hair too long
Actually hor, now that I still have hair I should try to keep it long long if not later no hair, want to keep also cannot then how? Lim peh change my mind in keeping long hair after my cha-bo-lang told me, "Lau Beng, you look at least 20 15 10 5 years younger with short hair la." Immediately after her words of wisdom, lim peh went to cut my hair short short, ya ya me vain-pot, can?

5) Spend too much time in front of the computer
You know la, since me love to write blogs, how not to spend time in front of the computer but my cha-bo-lang thinks otherwise? She feels that by spending 8 to 9 hours in the office facing the computer is bad enough thus she refrains requests me not to use computer at home. So my beloved, nice, friendly, avid, yan-dao, chio readers, if one day you find my blog growing grass due to the lack of updating, you know the culprit reason to it.

6) Use too much Mobile phone unnecessarily
My cha-bo-lang very kiasi health conscious one, she detests people from using the mobile phones. So when me talk cock discuss important issues with my buddies using the handphone, she will sure to give me her dagger stare.

7) Buy too much 4D
You know what is the problem with buying 4D? Difficult to strike? Wrong la. The most difficult part with buying 4D is when you buy some numbers for a while and then you tell yourself you will stop buying after this month then bingo your numbers open and your strike some money, usually not much la, maybe around $500 to $1,000. So having tasted the shiokness of striking 4D, you will continue to buy some more numbers and then after 3 months not even a fart and just before you plan to let go, you strike a little bit again and the cycle goes round.

Stop buying completely? No way cos you scared once your let go your favourite 心水 number, it opens first price then you will sure 捶心肝, cow father cow mother one.

8) Don´t like to exercise
As age is catching up on me and laziness is my middlename, Exercise is really not my cup of tea BUT my cha-bo-lang will force psycho sweet-talk me to do exercise with her.

lim peh kong wan liao

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